OMG I wish I knew you existed!

“OMG I wish I knew you existed before having my little one” I get this a lot when people hear about what I do. Baby planning is still a fairly new service. Not many people know about it AND many don’t know how helpful it can be in saving them time, money and energy until after baby comes. So here are some things I hear that people didn’t know they needed to know and all of which I can help you with:

1. Baby Registry Overload – most expecting parents hit the stores excited to setup their registry then about 30 minutes in they realize there is A LOT OF BABY GEAR and not only that, they have no idea what they need, don’t need, doesn’t work, rated highest in safety, the list goes on. Those friendly store helpers are very helpful but they are also there to help sell these items so be careful. Before you know it you have a registry a mile long and you couldn’t be more overwhelmed and exhausted.

2. The Nursery is not just a cute place for baby to rest his/her precious head, there are some things you can do to make it a smart, functional space that keeps you sane when you are exhausted. Here are some common Nursery mistakes:

a. Not organizing baby clothes by size – leads to not knowing exactly what you have/need and unused clothes

b. Putting the crib near a window or under an air vent – keeping baby’s temp regulated is very important

c. Not having what you need within arm’s reach at the changing table – nothing worse than being knee deep in a poopy diaper and you can’t reach the wipes or a new onesie.

d. Not maximizing storage space / Knowing where to put all the baby items – using clever storage solutions to house all those tiny baby items keeps things looking nice and easily found.

3. Getting it all clean. I am not just talking about washing all of the baby clothes. Bottles, crib sheets, nursing supplies, loveys, blankets, towels – it all needs to be cleaned and with baby sensitive cleaning products.

4. Just because you are expecting doesn’t mean you have to buy Maternity Clothes. Most women dread maternity clothes and for good reasons. They can be well either frumpy or expensive and sometimes both! Nothing annoys me more than seeing a plain tank or shirt labeled maternity that is exactly like a tank or shirt in the next department of a store and its $10 more expensive because it says maternity. Now, there are some great maternity pieces I would recommend but if you are going to get a new wardrobe let’s make sure you can use it after too!

5. Returns. Many expecting parents feel obligated to keep every gift they receive; Don’t! Ok so the “Grandma Loves Me” onesie from Grandma you may have to keep but for the most part, there are items you will get that were not on your registry, aren’t your style and/or are duplicate/similar items. Take those items back and get the much needed items still on your registry. Most people want you to have things you will actually use for the baby and will never actually notice you didn’t keep something they gave you. I can’t tell you how many times people will keep them and they will sit there, price tag on, only to get tossed or donated. Now I think donation is great so if you don’t need any more items I love the idea of donating new baby items to a local charity. In fact, some of the items I have received that I could not use or return I absolutely donated.

This is not to make it sound like planning for your little one isn't fun, it is absolutely tons of fun especially when you are prepared and/or have someone by your side that can help you along the way. That is one of the main reasons I started this business, to make planning for your new baby fun and as stress free as possible! I help show you how or if you just don’t have the time/energy I can do it for you. Email me today to!

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